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Student’s Testimonials

Ingrid and John White:
When we first came to Columbus Dance Centre it was very new to us and we wasn’t sure what to expect, but from the first time we walked in the door we felt welcomed. The teachers are always there to help us out and we found ourself looking forward to our dancing nights. We recently placed 1st in Latin at the Ohio Star Ball and we wouldn’t ever be dancing if it weren’t for Columbus Dance Centre.

Cheri Papier:
I have been dancing at the Columbus Dance Centre for about 6 years. Dancing that time I have met many wonderful people and learned to dance. I am not only not embarrassed, but actually enjoy showing off on the dance floor! They don’t call me “Hustle Queen” for nothing!

Jade Lovelace:
I have always danced throughout my life, but never Ballroom, until I came to Columbus DanceCentre! Now Ballroom dancing is where I find freedom + air in my day. Svetlana & Aleko, my teachers at Columbus DanceCentre, have taught me things I never thought I could do. They are extremely knowledgeable and encourages my very best. Whether dancing is vital to your life or you are dancing for fun, Columbus DanceCentre is the place to be.

Michael Drown:
I LOVE Ballroom Dancing. Each of the many Ballroom Dances taught at Columbus Dance Centre allow me to experience varying enjoyable feelings that are difficult to describe but are even more difficult to deprive myself from. Columbus Dance Centre offers a most wonderful dance environment. It is an unusually large multiple dance floor facility, pleasingly decorated with art and plants, and most importantly has a “Floating Floor”. For people with feet, an ankle or knee problem, this type of floor is ideal. Many facilities have floors that are actually undergerthed with cement. Columbus Dance Centre has dancer’s floor with wall to wall mirrors to assist learning. Columbus dance Centre offers many valuable opportunities for learning to dance well and with enjoyment. CDC is HOT! HOT! HOT… OUCH

Cole Ritenbach:
I like that Columbus Dance Center is the FUN Place to take lessons. My instructor, Svetlana, is very nice and very creative. The classes are very informative and I am having a blast on every class. I wish I could spend more time at the studio; I have met a lot of new friends there.

Jennifer Knapp:
I am so glad and excited that I came to Columbus Dance Center 6 months ago. Not only have I learned so much in such a short time but I have made so many new friends. Everyone is so nice and so professional as well. I really value the private lessons because that is where I can really focus on the dances and the technique for each. The group classes allow me the opportunity to learn more steps, to practice what I know, and to dance with different partners which in itself is important. I so enjoy the Friday Dance parties…it’s a time to relax, enjoy, and…I’m embarrassed to say…”show off” what I have learned! Everyone is there for the same reason…to DANCE and to have a good time!

Tracy Gantt:
My experience with Columbus Dance Centre has been nothing short of amazing!
The staff are all so nice and helpful. The learning environment is outstanding! All of the students are there to learn and they do their best to help others learn as well.
The Friday night dance parties are the best! We get to learn AND have a good time! Not to mention sometimes Scott wears a toga 🙂

Rick and Sue Tossmann:
We started dancing on a four week package almost two years ago and were instantly hooked. The staff at Columbus Dance Centre is wonderful, the group and private classes are tons of fun as are the Friday night dance parties. We call it our “date night.” Life is too short not to dance!

Barbara Goss:
I have been dancing at ColumbusDanceCenter for over 3 years now. I love the atmosphere, the instructors, owners and other students.
ColumbusDanceCenter is a beautiful facility and has fun Friday night parties. The instructors are awesome and really know what they are doing.
My instructor Trevor is patient yet full of new things keeping it interesting and fun. It is the most enjoyable and stress relieving sport. And Fun at that!

Scott Aaron Kaltenbaugh:
I can hardly describe how wonderful my experience at CDC has been. As if the joy of dancing itself was not enough, it is the people there that keep me coming back four nights a week. Between the care and attention of the instructors and the high spirits and positive energy of the other students, I can think of no better group to spend my time with.

Henry Walker:
My experience with Columbus Dance Centre began in the fall of 2002. Although the studio was not finished (some flooring and mirrors not complete) , the international style being taught was captivating and different from my experience at Fred Astaire. The studio is spacious; the floors provide good footing and the instruction has been challenging. During competitions, my professional partners have always been supportive and encouraging. Because of all the above, I’m still dancing and having fun.

Drew & Allison:
When I first came to Columbus Dance Center I was nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect, but from the first time I walked in the door I felt welcomed. If I ever had a question the teachers were always there to help me out and I found myself looking forward more to dance nights then weekends. My partner Allison and I placed 1st in Latin at the Chicago Crystal Ball and I we are so happy to be a part of this studio.
Franklin Bolinger:
I had driven many times pass a place with a sign “Columbus DanceCentre”. Than one day, curiosity got me, I stopped and signed up. For I thought would be a few introductory lessons. Three years has passed and after many lessons the dance studio is as new as ever to me. The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and like family. A pleasant three years!

I love Columbus Dance Center! Everyone is so nice and friendly. Teachers are very dedicated to their work, they help me to progress with my dancing and I love the results. I will recommend Columbus Dance Center to everyone and continue to dance there.
Joshua Hess:
There are very few who pour out their hearts and give the way that the team at
Columbus Dance Center does. The warmth, passion, and encouragement they share
with every student is unwavering. The talented dancing and instruction available are
beyond comparison. I’m proud to be part of the Columbus Dance Center’s exciting


Social Dance Etiquette

Social Dancing is one of life’s rare opportunities for pure fun. It is important to remember, however, that dancing is a social activity which requires interpersonal as well as physical grace. Being a considerate and thoughtful dance partner can ensure a wonderful experience. Dance courtesy is even more important than a social dancer’s physical technique. It is not always intuitive but it can be learned. To this end we provide you with the following guidelines of Dance Etiquette.

May I have this dance? When you ask someone to dance, be sure to make eye contact with your prospective partner, offer your hand, and ask clearly, “Would you like to dance?” If your partner says yes, smile, offer your hand, and escort him or her onto the dance floor and into dance position. This will make your partner feel supported and at ease. It is poor dance etiquette to ask someone to dance by standing in front of them with your eyebrows raised and then turning your back and marching onto the dance floor, expecting your partner to follow.
Yes, thank you, I’d love to dance. When someone asks you to dance, your response should nearly always be, “yes, thank you, I’d love to.” It is never acceptable to say no because you don’t think this partner is good enough for you, or because you are hoping someone “better” asks you. It is never acceptable to say “no” to one person and then “yes” to another, “better” dancer on the same dance. Few experiences are more demoralizing to the rejected partner, and your three minutes of fun are not worth ruining someone else’s entire evening. In a social dance environment, it is your job to dance with a variety of people and to say “yes” when someone asks you to dance. In order for dancing to be the joyous activity that it is, it is important that social dancers are supportive and kind to each other at all skill levels.
That said, a social dance is not an endurance marathon where you must dance until you drop. If you are really tired when someone asks you, it is fine to say that you are taking a rest now but you would be happy to dance later. You must be consistent, however. If you tell one person you are too tired to dance, you should not then dance with another, “better” partner. If you are only at the dance to watch and someone asks you to dance, it is fine to say, “thank you, but I’m just watching tonight.” Again, you must be consistent. You cannot tell one person that you’re just watching and then dance with another. Not only is it poor dance etiquette, it is inconsiderate and cruel and will dampen the evening for the rejected dance partner.
You dance divinely! During the dance, be sure to be aware of your partner. Smile and make eye contact, but don’t stare. It is not fun to dance with a partner who seems to be oblivious to you.
At the end of the dance, ALWAYS say thank you to your partner and begin to escort them off the floor. It is not necessary to walk them all the way back to their seats, but you should never just turn your back on them and walk away.
Circulating In a social dance situation it is appropriate to dance with a variety of people. It is generally poor dance etiquette to partner up and dance with the same person all evening long. Naturally, some people will prefer some dance partners to others, but this should not prevent them from accepting an offer to dance from a new person. If the same person asks you to dance repeatedly, for several dances in a row, it is acceptable to tell that person, “thank you, but I’d like to meet and dance with some other people for awhile. I’ll be happy to dance with you again later in the evening.”

When to say no When a person asks you to dance, it is appropriate to say no if you have danced with this person before and he or she has been physically or verbally abusive. It is also appropriate to say no if the person is obviously drunk or threatening in some way. If you feel that a dancer at the party is physically dangerous to the other dancers, you should report the situation immediately to the front desk and we will handle it.
Unless someone is truly offensive, it is not appropriate to say no because your partner may have poor hygiene, bad breath, unpleasant body odors, or poor dance technique. While dancing with this person may not be one of life’s peak experiences, a dance is only three minutes long and the experience will not kill you.
Cleanliness is heaven at a social dance. Social dancing is a quasi-intimate activity that requires a certain degree of physical closeness. Good hygiene before and during the dance party shows respect and consideration for the other dancers. Dancers should bathe before the party, use deodorant, and wear clean clothes that will not be too hot. Some dancers sweat a great deal while dancing. In this case it is considerate to bring a towel and a change of clothes. It is not fun to dance with a dripping partner. If you find yourself getting too sweaty on the dance floor, you should stop, dry off, and cool down for a few minutes. Your partners will thank you for it. Dancers should also use a light touch applying perfume or cologne. Some people may be sensitive to fragrances. We make breath mints available in unlimited supply at the ballroom. Please use them liberally.
Your partner’s technique Unless someone asks you directly to make a correction, you should never volunteer criticisms of your social dance partner’s technique. A dance party is not a serious lesson, but an evening of fun and relaxation. Know that your dance partner is doing the best that he or she can.
If your partner is dancing off time, you should view the situation as a challenge to dance to the same internal rhythms as your partner. Your partner is not dancing off time as an intentional and malicious act. Again, he or she is doing the best he or she can. Dancing to the music is a wonderful experience. Dancing slightly off the music is also fun, and you should appreciate the experience of moving with another person.
If your partner is physically hurting you, it is probably inadvertent. You should stop dancing for a minute, and say, “I’m sorry, but you’re holding my hand a little tightly. Could we try it again?” If you receive an inconsiderate response or your partner seems unwilling to modify his behavior, it is then appropriate for you to say, “thank you, but I’d like to stop now.” Social dancing should not ever be physically painful or dangerous.
Floor Craft In order for a social dance to be enjoyable for all the participants, it is crucial to be considerate and aware in your floor craft. No matter how much you may want to swing out, on a crowded dance floor your primary consideration should be respect for the other couples on the floor. You don’t have to dance big to have fun, and a rough and tumble game of Viennese Waltz bumper cars can put a real damper on the evening for everyone.
That said, collisions do occasionally occur in the heat of the moment. When there is a collision, everyone involved should stop and profusely apologize, regardless of whose “fault” the collision was. If someone has been stepped on or hurt, you should make sure that person is okay before you resume dancing. Sometimes, people are not okay after a collision. In this case, you should escort the person off the floor to a chair and see if that person needs ice, a drink of water, or medical assistance. Report any injury to the front desk immediately and stay with that person until help arrives.

If you have an exuberant partner who flings you into another couple, you should still apologize, even if it was not your fault. At the moment of a collision, it is more important to apologize immediately than to assign blame. If your partner’s exuberance remains unabated and you are flung repeatedly into other couples, it is then appropriate to tell your partner that you’d like to stop dancing.
Careful observance of the traffic lanes in a ballroom can prevent mishaps. In Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Quickstep, and Samba, dancers move in a counterclockwise circle around the ballroom. This circle is known as the “line of dance.” The very outside lane of the line of dance is the “fast lane”; it is generally used by very experienced dancers who cover a great deal of ground. The inside lane is for less experienced dancers who may be moving a bit more slowly. Beginners and those who would like to practice the basic steps without traveling can stay on the inside of the circle, out of the line of dance completely.
West Coast Swing is danced in a “slot” in which the follower moves back and forth on a horizontal “plank.” At the Metronome, all slots run parallel to the 17th Street windows. It is very important that all West Coast Swingers keep their slots running in the same direction!
The purpose of dancing is to love doing it! An evening of social dance offers one of life’s rare opportunities for pure fun. This fun can be dampened by a snobbish, superior attitude and lack of consideration for your fellow dancers. A social dance is not a dance competition — your job is not to be the best looking dancer on the floor but to connect with your partners in a way that is supportive and enjoyable for both of you. Partner dancing is not a performance and it is not about winning or losing. It is an activity which is above all, fun, and will enable you to share your love of dancing and music with another person.
Columbus Dance Centre
1000-B Morrison Rd
Columbus, OH 43230

My very first dance competition – by Bradley Brunicardi!

Almost everything that could go wrong did, and it was still one of the most exciting things I’d ever done. Every sports fan dreams of the opportunity to play on the field or court of their favorite professional team, with one of the professionals. Rarely do we have the chance to fulfill that dream.

As a first timer to ballroom dance competitions, my category was Newcomer Bronze. As a newcomer, I expected to dance in a small ballroom away from where the main events were held to music played from a small sound system. As it turned out, the only thing “newcomer” about my category was that my dances started at 7:30am.

Even as a “newbie”, you are given the opportunity to change clothes in the same area as the professional dancers. Of course, when I first went into the changing room instead getting ready, I had to hang my costume on the racks provided, sit in the chairs provided, drink the free water, and give the head nod to the other competitors, you know, stuff you think you would do if you really were a professional.

Maybe getting a little too caught up in the moment, I lost track of time and it is already 7:05. I haven’t even started to put on my costume yet, I think “Oh no, Svetlana is probably waiting for me.” I rush to put my costume on only to find out I left my number at the hotel, which is a 15 minute walk from the competition. My first reaction was “eh – as a newbie do I really need it?” I decide to text Svetlana anyway, hoping she will reply that it is ok. that in my category you don’t really need it. My text “umm – I left my number at the hotel.” Her reply – “RUN!!!!”

Somewhere about this time I imagine she realized she is dancing with a newbie. So, run I did, to the hotel to get my number arriving back in the ballroom about 1 minute before they called us to the floor. The good news was I didn’t have time to get nervous; the bad news was Svletlana didn’t have time to remind me how to dance. Just as I am entering the bullpen, standing on the red carpet behind the red velvet ropes in line to walk onto the main ballroom, Svetlana still trying to pin the number to my back I hear “Ladies and Gentlemen, in our International Bronze Newcomer Category…Heat 477….Please welcome 8 Couples to the floor”. There is a pause as the dancers walk onto the floor. It’s about now when my third leg starts to grow, and I notice “That’s the same guy talking from last night when the professionals danced” then I notice – “Those are the same judges from last night….this is the exact floor as last night and the same lights.” I stand corrected – there was plenty of time to get nervous! As the announcer speaks, my eyes get wider and wider “Judges using the standard scoring card….the dance…Samba….music please”. I either said what I was thinking or Svetlana could read my mind because my first thought was “uh oh now what??” In her soft calm voice she says “Bradley, just remember right foot first”. Still nervous my first thought was ‘Duh, we’ve only been practicing twice a week for the last 2 months”. “Ok, Bradley…..5…6…7…..8…’ Sure as day, I barreled forward with my left foot; thankful she is small enough I could hold her up (or strong enough so she stopped me from falling over, not sure on that one). My first Samba didn’t get much better from there. She says we only danced about a minute but I am pretty sure that first one lasted 5. But I survived and not one person at the competition laughed or made a negative comment about how bad I did my routines. Those students and professionals who did comment only gave words of encouragement (knowing that it was my fist time because I was in the newcomer division).

Even though most of my routines were off time and I stepped with my wrong right foot every other step, it is an experience I will never forget and one every student should have. A nobody to the world of ballroom dancing, center stage with one of the greatest dancers of all time, in New York City, on the very floor the top professionals in the world competed on the night before, with the same Master of Ceremonies announcing the dances and competitors, the very same judges scoring each dance, starting in the same bullpen, walking the same red carpet onto the dance floor as the professionals. This is something I never imagined I would do. I thank The Columbus Dance Center for giving me the opportunity to ‘be a professional dancer for one weekend” and I encourage every student take advantage of it, if only once.

Bradley Brunicardi for

Columbus Dance Centre

1000-B Morrison Rd,

Gahanna, OH 43230


Columbus Dance Center is dedicated to providing high quality instruction in most major styles of dance. We offer private and group instructions in Ballroom, Latin, Wedding Dance, Ballroom Social Dance, Dancesport, Hip Hop, Dance Aerobics, Swing, Salsa, Argentine Tango, West/East coast Swing, Waltz, Merengue, Rumba, Cha cha cha, Mambo, Foxtrot, Quickstep, etc.
Ballroom Dance Classes for Beginners to Competitive dancers.
Adults and Children, Couples and Singles.

Call us today at 614-759-0502, and schedule your first orientation session absolutely FREE (must be over 21 years of age). One of our professional dance instructors will show you how it feels to take a private lesson.
We will introduce you to a few dance elements, different dances, and explain our dance courses and class schedules.
Want to try our group class? No problem, you can try one (1) of our Ballroom Social Dance Classes on Tuesday or Friday at 7:45pm for FREE.
We regularly conduct workshops and master classes with leading artists and teachers.
Students of the Columbus Dance Centre gained city wide and national recognition. They are the winners of the “Dance Hysteria” Contest organized by Ballet Met in October 2002.
Our students and dance teachers participated in 2008 Fit Nation Tour organized by CNN.
MTv project “Made” – 2006 has been made in our facility with participation of our lead dance instructor Svetlana Iskhakov.

Columbus Dance Centre is designed to create a “Complete Dance Fusion” bringing under one roof a diverse variety of dance styles available for students of All Ages.
Columbus Dance Centre is different from “Fred Astaire” or “Arthur Murray” franchised dance studios!
We are an INDEPENDENTLY OWNED Dance Studio with modern ways and styles of teaching Ballroom & Latin Dancing to adults and children.